Security and "BCDR"


Security is more than just protecting your data from Hackers in some foreign country.  Security means that your data needs to be available.  Period.  It needs to be protected from Theft, accidental deletion, power outages, disgruntled employees and kidnappers.  What you need, how much you need and where you need it will depend on your business and the data that you use.

"BCDR" (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery)

Another 4 letter word that you, as the business owner, should be familiar with.  

Business continuity - You want to continue operating your business, even through a disaster, which could be a flooded building, a downed domain controller or even a stolen fileserver.

Disaster Recovery - OK, It happened.  The IT room got flooded and the three servers are beyond repair.  What can be done to be up and running as soon as possible.  Can your business be up and running 30 minutes after a disaster like this?

SofTec Solutions can provide answers and solutions to help your business thrive, even through a security breach, a fire or a server failure.  We have the Security and BCDR solution to fit your needs.