Service Offerings

Avast Managed Workplace

Avast Managed Workplace started life as a Canadian company and in the beginning was called "Level Platforms".  AVG bought the company so that they could add the RMM solution to their business offerings.  Avast bought AVG to increase their business presence, and that is how Avast Managed Workplace came to be.

This platform allows SofTec Solutions, and your own IT department, manage your endpoints.  It tracks the statistics of your computers, from the installation date to the warranty period to the CPU usage to hard drive space to network utilisation and a multitude of things in between.  

It also allows for remote control, patch management, script automation and other key management features.

Avast Manged Workplace is SofTec Solutions flagship for supplying services to our customers.  It is very strong in managing servers and workstations and processing alerts to keep IT staff proactive in solving potential issues.

Avast CloudCare

Avast CloudCare came from the AVG family and was also a business offering that attracted the Avast purchase of AVG.

This Cloud platform allows end point protection, backup and support.  

The basic service is a product called "Premium Remote Control".  This basic service is a minimum requirement of all SofTec Solutions customers.  It allows SofTec Solutions to help you keep your business supported and running.

The next level of service offered by this platform is an Antivirus solution.  Avast uses the wealth of daily information collected from over 400,000,000 managed end points, to analyse and detect viruses, malware and ransomware before it has a chance to spread too quickly across the globe.  It takes this data and updates those endpoints with the latest resources needed to combat the threats.

On top of the Antivirus solution, and very highly recommended by SofTec Solutions, is the Content Filtering component.  This allows control and protection on every endpoint on where they surf, how they can surf, and, if need be, when they can surf.  Reports are also available for management on surfing by site and by endpoint.

Last, but not least, is a very valuable and simple backup solution, called "On-line Backup".  It allows a simple and straightforward way to backup files on any endpoint and storing them in a Canadian Datacenter.  Versions of files are kept in the cloud, and if you delete the file on your computer by accident, or save a bad copy of it over the good one, it is available for restoration from the cloud, for as long as you keep using the service.  Backup times can be customised and reports can be emailed to verify completion.

Datto Backup and Networking

Datto started in 2007 by Austin McChord as a company offering a solution for protecting valuable business data in the best, most robust way available.

Since then Datto has evolved into a company with over 1400 employees and offers a premier Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity product.  

On top of the excellent "BCDR" product line, Datto now also offers Managed Networking products, ranging from Managed Surge protection, Managed Wireless Access Points, Managed Switches, and Managed Gateway solutions.

As a partner only company, Datto works very closely with SofTec Solutions to ensure that the businesses protected with their products are served with excellence.  Their Customer support/Technical support teams are among the best in the world, and they take their position seriously and with pride.

Auvik Networks

Auvik is another Canadian company with an amazing product.  This product helps SofTec Solutions, and your IT staff, manage and monitor your network.  

While it does a few of the same things as Managed Workplace, it's real strength lies in it's ability to  visually map out your network and show how things are connected, if any loop-backs are occurring, what devices are handling the most traffic, which switches are overloaded, what errors are occurring, where the errors are occurring and much more.  It also does a great job of monitoring network connected printers.

Auvik Networks, another great Canadian product, offered to you from SofTec Solutions.


Please feel free to drop us a line at SofTec Solutions.  Ask for a demo of the "Datto Disaster Recovery Method", or for a look into the everyday life of a Remote Management portal.  SofTec Solutions has the services to help keep your business up and running.